About This Site

I put this site together to highlight my works as a writer and poet, and to blog when I can’t stop the words from falling out of my mouth. Ultimately, this is where you’ll find my professional and personal worlds collide! Beware of strong opinions, strong language, and strong sass.

About Me

First off, my official biographical blurb:

Hope Holz is perspicacious, empathetic, intuitive, and candid. She is also kind, but not always to herself. She is learning to define herself by who she is and not her acts or accomplishments—by adjectives, not verbs and nouns. But, since the preceding is not sufficient for a biographic blurb, she concedes the following.

Hope Holz lives in the Dallas area with her husband, a dog, and three cats. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Texas A&M University and currently seeks her Master of Liberal Studies in Creative Writing and Literature from Southern Methodist University. She loves big words, and holds strong opinions on the Oxford comma. Her first publication–of any kind–is forthcoming in the fall.

Now, switching over to first-person:

I am an ex-training and development writer and ex-technical writer. Now, I spend my days working on my master’s degree, myself, and my writing. What do I write about? Well, I kind of have dual personalities. In prose, I tend to stick with what I like to read, which is speculative fiction. However, when I made my first honest effort at poetry, I found this beautiful, cathartic place inside myself. As a poet, I write what I feel, experience, and see. No genre, just me. I envision, one day, these two voices will meet each other and coalesce into my single voice. Hopefully.

I’m 34 (going on 35) and still not sure who I want to be when I grow up. Hence, the reason for my tagline, “Who will I be today?” I’ll try to keep the existential quandaries to a minimum, but no promises.


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