My Shaved Head – Months 3 & 4 Update

So, I shaved my head in June. My hair has continued to grow, as seems its predilection. (And I appreciate this predilection.)

I took some month three progress pictures, and then got whammied by a weeks long migraine. I also got a hair cut *GASP*, so I figured a dual post would be appropriate. We’re about a week away from the official four month mark, and I think that’s close enough.

Haircuts & Migraines!
Haircuts & Migraines!

Month three seems to be the mark where my hair went from tolerable to annoying. I felt like my look went from an adult woman to a 4-year-old boy–overly long, unruly curls along the back and sides. I mostly tried to embrace the curl, but I definitely felt less cute.

I held out as long as I could, hoping to get more length on the top, but I just had to get a professional cut. No mullets for me. Off came the back and sides–there’s really no point in saving that length until the rest of my hair catches up. My hair is actually in a shape now (I let the stylist tackle the top too), and I’m in the position to let it grow or keep it the way it is.

I’m tempted to keep it. I blow dry it for less than a minute, rub in some texturizing wax, and I’m set. Heck, I could just wash and wear too.

Realistically, I don’t see myself jetting over to the salon in a month from now. I’ll let it keep growing, taking it month-by-month, all the while, resisting the urge to pull out the bleach and pastel pink hair color.


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