My Uterus Is Pissed (So I Draw Comical Pictures of It)

I had the Skyla IUD inserted by my doctor last Thursday, and my body isn’t too thrilled with the new arrangement. I had all these plans to write about “my shit” and how it relates to three-year-long birth control. But, today is the first day that I started to feel human, and felt more inclined to doodle. To doddle, in particular, anthropomorphized versions of my lady parts, because it eases the disdain.  (How can I hate my uterus when she’s got eyes and legs and sassy dialogue? Answer: I can’t.)

So I submit to you, dear reader, my IUD experience in illustrated form. All drawings were painstakingly composed on a Kindle Fire by me. (I know, I know. How can so much talent come in this single, stubble-headed package?)






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