First I have to say, whenever I think, write, or utter “IUD,” the lyrics to the song “Fuck the Pain Away” by the inimical and ingenious Peaches surface and crawl into my brain. It’s purely coincidental, and I don’t read huge meaning into it. It’s a clever bit of a refrain.

“IUD SIS, stay in school ’cause it’s the best.”

-Merrill Nisker, aka Peaches

That little earworm, however, does make me a bit feisty. And I’ve been bopping along with this little ditty for several weeks now, because I’m getting an IUD (Skyla to be exact) next week. So yeah, I’m hella feisty.

Let's talk about uteruses. (photo credit: Theater Festival Impulse/Flickr- Creative Commons)
Let’s talk about uteruses.

I expected I’d write a single post: “Hey I Did This IUD Thing and This Is What It Was Like.” But, this single act is tied to too many thoughts, opinions, and emotions. I’m inspired to over-share and blast out some controversy.

I guess consider this a warning? a cliffhanger? a tasty morsel to lead you into the imperceptible depths of the lady cave?

(Photo Credit: Theater Festival ImpulseCreative Commons)


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